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Information You Need to Have About Installing Commercial Ceiling Fans

Unlike residential areas where a fan only needs to create cool only a few people in the house, a commercial fan would need to be different to ensure a cooler summer to quite a number of people. One may need to invest in a ceiling fan that is capable of cooling down the office or business by circulating air and creating a wind chill enough to make people inside the office several degrees cooler. It may be critical to make sure that you invest in effective ceiling fans that save on energy among other things.
One of the things you may need to consider in your search include the location. While ceiling fans tend to be very effective during summer when the weather is very hot, they can also be of help during winter to distribute heat in the house. Hot air ought to rise and hence the fan tends to be strategically located to spread the heat. You may need to have smaller rooms with smaller fans and larger and busier rooms matched with larger ceiling fans. When it is colder, setting the fan on a low mode to help spread the heat in the house may be a thoughtful idea.

One may not need to assume that bigger fans are better. It may be unwise to consider having a larger ceiling fan on a smaller room. It may be wise to have bigger ceiling fans on bigger rooms. One may also need to note that the longer the blade, the more air it circulates in the room and the larger the room the ceiling fan can serve. You may, however, need to remember that more blades on the ceiling fan tend to make a very small difference on the amount of air circulated.

You may also need to know how high to install the fan. It would be modest to have the ceiling installed about 8 to 10 feet above the floor. There are some factors that may call for lifting the fan or lowering it. In a case where the roof is too high, you may need to invest in an extension rod to ensure that the fan is at the right installation height.

The speed of the fan tends to determine its effectiveness. Most of the fans tend to come with speed controls either as a pull chain or even a remote. It is wise to invest in a ceiling fan with a remote control making it possible to increase speed or reduce speed depending on the temperatures. Installation ought to be done by an expert for the best results. You would need to make sure that the ceiling fan does not emit noise or wobble.

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