How to Mount Foyer Chandeliers

How to Mount Foyer Chandeliers

Foyer chandeliers come in many styles, including wrought iron, crystal, bronze, alabaster, traditional and contemporary. With so many available, you are sure to find one to please your eyes and budget. Have an electrician do the wiring before going shopping. Along with the characteristics of the lamp and the prices, consider the weight. Mounting a heavier 50-pound chandelier. it requires the construction of a stronger support system on the roof. Turn off the power to the room using the fuse box or circuit breaker. Pull the lamp parts out of the box for easy viewing. Place the new electrical box on the ceiling and trace its outline with a pencil. Cut the path with a jigsaw. Climb back into the attic and add a support structure using a 2 x 4 piece of wood if you think the roof is not strong enough to support the spider.

Turn the hexagon bar of the fan clamp to its shortest length. Push the foyer chandeliers doublet through the hole in the ceiling. Place the feet of the fan clamp on top of the ceiling and tighten with an adjustable wrench. Raise an electric blind lid from the side of the electrical box with a hammer and screwdriver. Put 6 inches of cable from the ceiling through the cable connector and tighten the screws to secure. Slide the U-bolt onto the bracket and the support flange on the ends of the U-bolts.

Tighten the nuts on the clamp and flange with an adjustable wrench. Push the box through the hole in the ceiling and align the two holes of the electrical box with the ends of the reinforcing fan bolt. Secure the housing with the hex nuts provided using an adjustable wrench. Remove the decorative accessories from the spider. Shorten the electrical wires and links in the chain to the desired length. Twist the nipple into the chain holder and the mounting bar of the fastening device. Thread the lamp wires through the nipple-shaped part. Lift the foyer chandeliers so that you can connect the mounting bar of the accessory of the electrical box.

Connect the wiring according to the instructions to wrap the ground wire around the grounding screw and tighten. Then, connect the other end of the ground wire to the ground wire of the spider. Connect the rest of the cables, white to black and white to black. Bend the wires and pull them into the electrical panel. Push the cover toward the top of the chain and press firmly against the ceiling. Push the retaining collar into the lamp chain and into the chain holder. Secure the accessory by turning the retaining collar. Install bulbs and decorative lamps. Turn the power again.

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